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Wellcome to Museum of Antique Dental Instruments

My name is Dr. Gregory Ribitzky , I am a dentist . My dental clinic is located in the town of Beer Sheba- the city of Abraham and the capital of the Negev Desert, Israel.
This website is based entirely on the items held in my private antique dental instrument collection .

Antique dental Reindeer handled tooth extractors
                     Tooth pullers

Every instrument in the collection has to meet at least one of the following criteria:
a. Age- at least 100
b. Mode of action- long forgotten
c. Made of materials no longer in use in medical instruments -gold, silver, mop, bone, ivory or wood
d. Beautiful and ornate

I hope that after exploring my antique dental artifacts, my patients will come to realize, how lucky they are, to be treated in the 21st century.

Antique dental bleedrs - fleam Bleeders

Had they come into my office with an aching tooth
and a swollen face 100 years ago,I would probably
initially bleed them for about a liter of blood. Why? Just for the sake of their general well-being.





The first antique dental toothkey
    First toothkey 1742

In 1742- I would have extracted the tooth
using a antique dental Toothkey, a door key like instrument. (Usually along with a part of a jaw)


Antique dental mop scalers
MOP personal nobleman’s set





Commoners would be treated using crude, wooden handled implements. On the wealthy- I would use exquisite, ivory or MOP handled instruments.

All of the above – without any kind of anesthesia.  All that without protective gloves , while the blood of the previous patient oozes into the cracks in the handles.

This presentation is non commercial and it’s purpose is strictly fun and education.
However- as any collector, i have some antique dental doubles  and also some of my items no longer exite me.
Those antique dental items may be available to collectors, museums and dealers. Inquiries are wellcome.

You may now enter the Museum and have a good time!    arrow1aweb_rotation1